Reconstruction and renovation works in UAE

Villas, apartments, offices, commercial properties, buildings, swimming pools and more!

With Us, You Save:
  • 50%
    of your time
  • 10%
    of supply expenses
  • 100%
    of your stress

Our Services

    • - Project measurements
    • - Free consultations
    • - Design development
    • - 3D-modelling
    • - Installation of electronic switches and sockets
    • - Electrical box installation in concrete wall
    • - Drilling through holes in the bearing wall
    • - Electrical panel installation and more.
    • - Partition walls installation (Plasterboard, plastic or glass)
    • - Ceiling modules installation
    • - Sand-cement screed flooring up to 10 cm, cement screed flooring up to 10 cm
    • - Drywall or plastic false ceiling installation
    • - Plumbing parts replacement
    • - Water mains and sewerage
    • - Water supply pipe installation
    • - Water supply and heating pipe installation
    • - Facing with tile, porcelain, granite or marble, natural and faux stone lining
    • - Panel wall and architectural elements facing
    • - Laying tiles, porcelain, granite, marble, natural and faux stones.
    • - Plastering, alignment and puttying walls and ceilings.
    • - Painting: walls, ceilings and goods
    • - Ceiling and wall priming
    • - Floorboards installation
    • - Carpet and vinyl flooring
    • - Hardwood and laminate flooring
    • - Screed leveling
    • - Walls and ceiling decoration
    • - 3D wall panels, 3D floor fillers
    • - Conditioning and Landscaping
    • - Cladding and design of swimming pools, bathrooms and showers with various materials
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Reconstruction? No problem!

We provide only accurate estimates

Our estimates are based on the size of the premises, measurements and the volume of the required work only. We always tell our customers the exact price, so you never pay extra.

We provide only accurate estimates

Our estimates are based on the size of the premises, measurements and the volume of the required work only. We always tell our customers the exact price, so you never pay extra.

We plan and design for FREE

Our interior design specialists will assess your needs, create the design-project and draw a 3D-model of your future office, apartments, or rooms to help you know what to expect!

We purchase the supplies for you

We work with trusted and leading suppliers and buy all the necessary supplies ourselves. You just approve the project with us, we do the rest!

We help you save 10% on the supplies

We have the ability to buy supplies at a lower price. Thanks to our relationship with suppliers, you don’t have to pay extra. Nice, right?

We complete the turnkey project without your participation

The only thing you need to do is approve the project, pay advance, and the rest we do ourselves. You don’t have to worry about anything, giving you peace of mind and convenience beyond comparison.

As a Result: we take up to 50% less time, and give you 100% less stress

Don’t waste you time and worry with turnkey projects. You do your routine as we do our work!

Call us, if you...

  • Rented an office and need finishing, remodeling or repairs.

  • Want to make your apartment modern and stylish.

  • Don’t know what style to arrange your room in and need a professional designer’s look.

  • Have problems with the operation of the premises, or require restoration.

  • Require dismantling of the existing equipment in your premises.

  • Want to change the layout of your villa, apartment or office.

Get a FREE consultation from our specialists for more accurate estimate of the cost and volume of the project.

Our Benefits

Key points
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We employ only specialists from post-USSR countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. These specialists have over 4 years of mutual experience. They are highly trained, educated, and honest. Professionals you can trust!

Depends on the company. Most often, companies in Dubai hire cheap labor from India and Pakistan. A large staff turnover doesn’t allow to collect an experienced team of professionals.


We always call back, and arrive ON TIME. We provide FREE consultations, FREE estimates, and design development.

Usually forget to return a call. They may set up an appointment, but arrive an hour late. Consultations and house-call appointments are usually PAID.


Our estimates are always based on the volume and the scope of a project. That said we are flexible and offer good discounts to returning customers!

There are many cheap offers on the market due to unskilled labor. Needless to say, the outcome is very questionable...


With a 10 years experience in business, we have learned to accurately estimate the timing. WE guarantee to finish the project a DAY BEFORE the due date.

Very often, we deal with huge promises at the start, and end up with poor performance and weeks past the due date with work still pending.


We have a special quality assurance department. We pay close attention to the smallest details and give a 1 year warranty on all our services.

Most companies also provide a 1 year warranty on the work performed, but do not have QA department to ensure international standards in quality and risk management.

Stages of work

  • Measurements
  • Inspection
    and consultation
  • Design
  • Budgeting
  • Target day implementation
  • Complete satisfaction,
    every time you come
    back home or go
    to office

We have set up a special quality control department

Before starting work, our experts evaluate the most problematic areas;

Strictly prohibited: differences on estimates, failure to comply with the objectives and faulty work;

Quality department controls every detail in the process, paying particular attention to problem areas;

We do not hand over the project before the quality department signs and approves the work.

1 year warranty!

Our company in digits

  • 10
    in business
  • 34
    Full-time employees
  • 100+
    Successful projects
  • 178
    Units of tools and equipment

Our Honors

Payment Options

  • Direct transfer

  • Cash

  • Personal check

Enjoyable experience, guaranteed!

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